Gustav Klimt - Water Serpents II, c.1907


Gustav Klimt - Water Serpents II, c.1907

Much Survey, Very Wow. (◡‿◡✿)

What is your sexuality?

People I’m into.

Where would you like to be this weekend?

Anywhere with ice cream.

Your views on drugs and alcohol?

They’re not substances people can often handle, and often lead to abuse. And that’s life kids.

Your views on religion?

If it works for you that’s fine, as long as you don’t expect others to live by it.

Have you ever thought about ending your own life?

Yes, though only once about actually dying. Other times, it was more like I wanted to become part of the sky, dissipation. To feel nothing and just be something immaterial. I wish for that far too often.

Write three interesting things about you?

I’ve made a cake which may not sound very interesting but it is the prettiest thing in the world.

I’m very good at puns, almost too good, it’s a curse.

I hate when cashiers recognize me. Like when I smoked there was this old guy that would not stop suspect that I wasn’t old enough to buy cigs. And when he was finally convinced, he suspected that I wasn’t only buying them for myself and would not stop hinting at it like he was gunna tattle on me. (which I actually was doing but that’s hardly the point.)

Do you think your zodiac fits your personality?

Well capricorns are supposed to be really bossy and annoying, I’d say that’s pretty accurate. I’m generally quite quiet but I’m annoyed almost non stop. I can have a horrible temper. And my good opinion once lost is lost forever.

A moment you felt most satisfied with your life?

When a horrible friend of mine who was treating me like complete poo got preggers.

How do you hope your future will be like?

I hope I’ll dust all the dirt that gets thrown at me off more easily than I’m able to now.

Discuss your first love and your first kiss?

First kiss was hilarious. First love was an idiot.

Put your music on shuffle and write the first 10 songs that pop up?

1. Honey-Best Coast

2. Bang Bang Bang- Mark Ronson

3. Ion-Placebo

4. I’m Not Done- Fever Ray

5. Dicknail-Hole

6. Wooly Clouds-Little Auk

7. Trainsurfing-Stina Nordenstam

8. Video Games-Ben Howard

9. Elastic Heart-Sia

10. Summer Wine-Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood

Bullet your whole day?

  • Wakie wakie
  • food
  • oh thank fuck
  • tumblr
  • food
  • tumblr tumblr tumblr tumblr tumblr

Somewhere you’d like to move or visit?

Hello Kitty cafe, just fuckin live in there.

Do you like reminiscing?

Sometimes. I try to as little as possible because minds have a way of romanticizing the past. I always seem to try to think of times that were simple. And I despite the fact that I know there weren’t any, my mind still wants to convince itself that there were.

Which was the first tumblr blog you followed?

Your views on mainstream music?

90% garbage. Then again, it’s used as casual, frivolous backgroundie music so what the fuck do people expect.

How has this year been so far?

Better and worse.

Your beliefs?

I don’t know. Beliefs are often changed depending on the perspective you take. But the thing I believe most in is the ugliness of reality, which is why I try to avoid it as much as physically and mentally possible.

Disrespecting your parents?

Try as hard as you possibly can not to. But in some cases it’s unavoidable.

How important do you think education is?

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!!! So important that the education system can’t even handle teaching as much knowledge as they should be.

One of your favorite shows?



How have you changed in the past two years?

Got lamer and fatter, cool with it.

Which celebrity bugs you?

Jennifer Lawrence, Cara Delevigne.

What’s the last movie you watched and how did you like it?

Nymphomaniac. The only thing that shocked me was her father in the hospital. The way that it was done was so real and awful. The film interesting. The way the storyline became intricately intertwined was quite well done, although a good portion of a dialog was taken entirely into a wrong perspective, I often wished there was a third party to shed new light during those points of the conversation. It’s very dark and interesting. I’m not sure how I’d rate it though. You’d have to see it for yourself to understand what I mean.

Someone who fascinates you and why?

I lose interest in people in the blink of an eye.

What kind of person attracts you?

I hate questions like this, there’s no cookie-cutter answer and anyone who puts one is just guessing/lying.

A problem you have had?

I got a splinter last week, that was a bummer.

Something you miss?

The bliss that ignorance provides.

Goals for next month?

To improve on essentials.

Your highs and lows of last month?

I got very drunk and jumped off a couch.

I then fell and got a huge bruise on my bum and forearm.




Why were we fighting again



Why were we fighting again


i learned more from instagram memes than i ever did in school


i learned more from instagram memes than i ever did in school



John Rawlings for Vogue (01 JUN 1941)


John Rawlings for Vogue (01 JUN 1941)


"I am the beautiest lady in all of the Spain"


"I am the beautiest lady in all of the Spain"



Me and my clique

oh my god



Me and my clique

oh my god
I won’t compromise my principles just to please others.
—(via animalsandtrees)